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Samus aran mix - 2 - Omu aran oyedepo

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Samus aran replied to joe redifers topic in remix commentsreviews wow i love this remix the horns really add to the prestegioius fanfare type of feeling you get from this mix and the strings add yet another solid layer to it.

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Be advised that this aint yo daddys crateria theme when i weaved this remix together i envisioned samus mission from the finale of zero mission storming the space pirate mothership with only her wits stealth and agility to guide her along with her paralyzer pistol.

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Samus starts her mission with the intent of recovering a stolen metroid research subject the last of the species ridley an antagonist from the original game attempts to use the metroid to resurrect both the space pirate army and ultimately mother brain.

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aran dante samus is on mixcloud listen for free to their radio shows dj mix sets and podcasts.

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Zero suit samus is samus aran without her power suit on without her power suit samus wears a blue skintight leotard zero suit samus is much more agile and swift without her power suit as she does not have to carry as much weight around zero suit samus also yields a gun that can turn into a laser whip.

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