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santa claus is a traditional secular figure of christmas good cheer generally depicted as a jolly fat old man in a red suit other nations have their own variations such as father christmas in england and sinterklaas in the netherlands.

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Visit santa claus indiana experience santa claus indiana during the threeweekend santa claus christmas celebration each december special events and holiday traditions take over the town and provide a very merry getaway during one of the most wonderful times of the year.

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Floats bands community groups schools register early to reserve your spot in this years parade dont miss out on the fun read more.

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Our santa suits have been featured in shopping malls parades window displays and parties all across the world made with quality materials and workmanship our adult santa claus suits are.

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santa claus may be referring to two or more different heroes if youre uncertain which one youre looking for take a wild guess if you came here from a link please go back and correct the link for one of the heroes listed below.

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santa claus in person mighty morphin power rangers the rangers visited the north pole to help santa prepare for christmas however alpha wanted santa and the rangers to pay a visit.

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santas old home santa claus lane has mostly been rethemed into sorta a new england style fishing village the only reminder of the prior christmas themed attractions being the name.

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santa claus is a major character in the episode the christmas special in the cartoon series the adventures of matthew wooten super genius hes a holiday figure who delivers presents to good children and rules the north pole as their jolly ruler santa claus is a legendary figure originating.

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