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A word from jim tait jim tait real estate is a familyowned second generation full service company we are known as the oldest continuous operating real estate firm in the area with 43 years of excellent and superior service in the northwoods of wisconsin our home.

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A partial vendor directory for 2018 is now viewable watch for our 2019 vendors we will replace this with our 2019 vendors and update once a month starting in february.

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The years parties and events so far from around newcastle and the hunter.

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From buzzword to strategic advantage how artificial intelligence is making the supply chain smarter.

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In advancing the sunderland site i have on occasion come across interesting data in rather obscure places about ships not built in sunderland data that might help people searching for information amp histories of their particular ships of interest.

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Disclaimer all media here on this site has the sole purpose of being informative and for discussion purposes this site claims no intellectual property rights over the media on display here nore does it sell any of the media material.

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